Konnor La

My interests lie in understanding of the genome of Parhyale hawaiensis. In collaboration with the Daniel Rokhsar Lab at UC Berkeley, I combine computational genome analysis with comparative evolutionary developmental biology to further understand the genome. Currently, my research is separated into three different projects. The first project focuses on the annotation of the 70 bacterial artificial chromosomes with their respective cDNA sequence. The alignment of the exon and introns will allow us to insert the dsRed reporter gene near the 5’ end of the first exon. The dsRed-inserted transgene will allow us to observe gene expression patterns in living Parhyale. The second project, in collaboration with graduate student Heather Bruce, is to de novo assemble the embryonic transcriptome at stages 20 and 23. The transcriptome will allow Bruce to compare and contrast mRNA expression profiles from different appendage types of P. hawaiensis at several time points throughout appendage morphogenesis. Finally, the third project focuses on the full-scale de novo genome assembly of P. hawaiensis, and its eventual comparative genome analysis. Last summer, while interning with Life Technologies, Co., I sequenced the genome to approximately 25x coverage using the Ion Torrent PGM sequencing platform. In collaboration with Jessen Bredeson of the Rokhsar Lab, we are using a Newbler /Meraculous hybrid assembly approach to assemble the 3.6 gigabase P. hawaiensis genome.



I am 4th year undergraduate majoring in Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. I joined the Patel Lab in the fall of 2011 and began collaborating with the Rokhsar Lab in the summer of 2012. My research interests include: understanding of evolution, and the diversity of life by combing computational genome analysis with comparative evolutionary developmental biology.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing many sports such as basketball, water polo, and swimming. I also enjoy following business, medicine, and politics. If I am not in the lab, you can find me in the library or cruising on my bike along the Bay.

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