Research Opportunities


Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate students who wish to work in my lab may apply to either the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) or the Department of Integrative Biology (IB). Your experience in the laboratory will be much the same regardless of program. However, program structure, degree requirements, outside opportunities, funding, teaching load, and overall graduate experience varies widely between the two programs. The choice of programs depends on your previous background and future interests. Please refer to the individual web sites of each of these programs to determine which program is best for you. Which program you apply to will depend largely on your specific interests. The information available at the various web sites should give you an idea of the different strengths of each program.



Possible Laboratory Rotation Projects for First Year Graduate Students:

Please see Potential Rotation Projects, Current, and Future Projects for some suggested projects. I am certainly open to additional experimental approaches that reflect the interests of incoming students and post-docs.

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Undergraduate Opportunities

Each semester, we take on a number of undergraduates enthusiastic about conducting research. This requires a considerable time commitment and dedication, but the rewards are well worth it!

Please refer to our current posting on the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP) site for more information about upcoming opportunities.