Rachel rocks her quals!

Second-year Patel lab PhD student Rachel Thayer advanced to candidacy on Monday (May 4th). She passed with flying colors - structural color, that is. Congratulations, Rachel! Now get back to work.    ...

Rachel attending OWECS 2014 Course

Graduate student Rachel Thayer is attending the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Winter Course "Evolution of Complex Systems".  She gave a short presentation describing her work on structural blue color in Buckeye butterflies.  In addition to hearing from a line-up of top Evo-Devo researchers, she has used the opportunity to examine a few species...

Hox “Monsters” at Bay Area Science Festival

Monsters are everywhere. They lurk in the shadows and stalk our imagination. They terrorize and fascinate us. But what, exactly, are they? Scholars differ on whether the word is derived from the Latin verb monstrare, “to show,” or from monere, “to warn.” Either way, as horror...

“Experimental Space” gallery opening features images from Erin, Angela, and Arnaud

The images that we take are for scientific research, but they are also beautiful. And mounted on the walls of an Oakland art gallery for a curated show, they are certainly Art--but that which represents not only abstract meaning, but actual scientific evidence that will increase our understanding of our development, our evolution, and ourselves. Check out more