Arnaud geeks out at Nerd Nite

Nerd Nite is a monthly event held in more than 90 cities across the globe during which several folks give 18-21-minute fun-yet-informative presentations across all disciplines – while the audience drinks along. Arnaud gave a colorful talk about the genetics of butterfly wing patterns and whether we might one day be able to reprogram wing patterns...

Dr. Kaczmarczyk earns a much deserved Ph.D. lollipop!

Angela Kaczmarczyk earned her PhD in December 2014! The Patel lab is fortunate to have Dr. Kaczmarczyk's continued expertise in the lab while she hunts for a job in Boston. She will be sorely missed by all when she leaves us.
"Angela is one of the kindest, genuinely eager to help, and capable researchers that I have ever met. There...

Rachel rocks her quals!

Second-year Patel lab PhD student Rachel Thayer advanced to candidacy on Monday (May 4th). She passed with flying colors - structural color, that is. Congratulations, Rachel! Now get back to work.    ...