Another successful summer of Woods Hole Arthropod Embryology completed. Now begins summer camp science withdrawal.

Arthropod team 2016

Arthropod crew 2016, left-to-right, bottom: Rachel Thayer (her 1st year–she absolutely rocked it, and completed like half her thesis–yeah, she’s that amazing), Erin Jarvis (4th summer!), Nipam (our fearless leader), Taryn Sumabat (from the Hariharan lab–we didn’t scare her away!). Tall ones in the back: Jacques Bothma (stolen from Physio, good choice, Jacques) and Matt Ronshaugen (who is always sorely missed when he has to return to Manchester)




Go team Arthropod!

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Issue 30 of the Berkeley Science Review is out, and it’s GORGEOUS. The cover features a striking pattern of parhyale images from the Patel lab (taken by yours truly), beautifully arranged by the talented BSR design team. Our functional Hox gene research in Parhyale is highlighted in the feature article “From DNA to Diversity“.

The Revolution Will Be Edited

Nipam, Arnaud, and Erin are "The Wizards" in Discover Magazine's recent article on the breakthrough gene-editing technology CRISPR. Unfortunately it's behind a paywall, but here's a few highlights from us:
The fact is that any creature’s DNA can be altered permanently — it’s happening right now in the UC Berkeley lab of Nipam Patel. A developmental...